1 Installation & Service
1.1 How do i install my ACE.BOIL? is there an instructional video?

ACE.BOIL is extremely easy to install, anyone can do it, it is recommended to watch the video in full before start with the installation.

follow the link: Installing ACE.BOIL

1.2 How do i call for installation or repair service?

It is very important to use an approved service technician through the ACE/UNITO platform:

ACE/UNITO repair/installation technician online request form

1.3 Is it mandatory to use a filter to maintain warranty?

Using a softener is mandatory according to warranty terms and conditions which can be found here:

Limited warranty

2 Product Specification
2.1 Where are ACE/UNITO products being produced?

All UNITO/ACE products are produced in China within our fully owned facility and by our UNITO/ACE team members.

we take quality at the highest priority and in order to guarantee long lasting lifespan for our products, we invested in state of the art facility and equipment.

The combination of high level equipment with our trained team member guarantee the products are produced according to highest safety and quality standards

2.2 What material is used for the boiler tank?

ACE/UNITO boiler tanks either produced from high grade stainless steel or high grade titanium.


3 Troubleshooting
3.1 I have a leakage, what can i do?

Leakage is a very wide definition and it is important to narrow the possibilities before calling for a repair.

below are some possibilities which may help you to determine where the leakage is from and how you should react.

please follow the following:

  • 1. Please make sure your system is properly installed, you can follow the following link: ACE.BOIL installation
  • 2. If system is installed properly, please check carefully the 3 hoses connected to the faucet are well tightened, please rotate the pipes until it is not possible to rotate 
  • 3. Please check the safety valve 
  • 4. Please ensure the draining pipe is well connected and is draining downwards. if the pipe is connected to the drain with upward angle, there will be leakage
  • 5. Please check the connection to the boiler is well tightened

if you followed all the above and you still face leakage, you can send an online service request here:

service request


*please be noted, if a repair technician determine the root cause to a problem is due to an improper installation, or if the problem is not covered by warranty, you will be charged for service cost/parts.




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